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Cleardeck Systems inground solar blanket roller

Cleardeck Inground Solar Blanket Roller

Installation & Service Of Cleardeck Systems Inground Solar Blanket Roller Systems In Ontario.

Cleardeck - Pool Covers That Disappear From View!

The Cleardeck in-ground solar blanket roller system provides effortless storage for your pool's solar blanket, keeping it out of sight when not in use. This creates a visually appealing pool area and removes the need for unsightly on-deck solar blanket rollers.

Our Team installs ClearDeck Systems on new pool installations and services existing ClearDeck systems throughout Ontario.

Benefits Of Cleardeck Systems

Installing a cleardeck inground solar blanket roller in Ontario comes with amazing benefits.
Extended Cover LifeStoring your solar blanket out of the sun and elements extends the life of your solar pool cover.
Clear & Clean Pool DeckKeep your pool deck clear and clean. Without the unsightly look of a traditional solar blanket.
Reduced Chemical Usage

Reduce your pool's exposure to the elements protecting your waters sanitizing abilities.

Heat RetentionPrevent heat loss through evaporation and keep your swimming pool covered with ease.

Quick, Easy, Effortless

To uncover your pool:

numbered-bullet-1 Lift the lid and insert the handle into the gear.

numbered-bullet-2 Turn continuously, and ClearDeck will do the rest, neatly rolling up your solar blanket below ground.

To cover your pool:

numbered-bullet-3 Simply unroll the solar blanket with the convenient pull strap. It’s quick and can be done easily by one person. Since ClearDeck sits flush with your deck when closed, your deck is free of clutter and the reel will not present a trip hazard. Plus, your solar blanket will be hidden out of sight and stored properly year-round.

Cleardeck Systems

ClearDeck Advantage

  • Easy one-person operation – blanket extends and retracts in less than a minute
  • No bulky and unsightly on-deck blanket roller spoiling your backyard view
  • Blanket stores in the deck quickly and easily all year round
  • Self-draining and easy-to-clean inside the ClearDeck – just spray and go!
  • Patented design comes with exclusive 2-year warranty
  • Long-lasting, durable, and made in Canada since 2002
Cleardeck Solar Blanket Rollers Ontario
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