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Dolphin Fiberglass Pool

Dolphin Fiberglass Pools

Dolphin Fiberglass Pools installed throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph & Surrounding Areas

We are proud dealers and installers of Canadian made Dolphin Fiberglass Pools. Manufactured in Trenton, Ontario Dolphin offers a diverse range of pools suitable for big and small backyards alike. From flowing free form pools to the straight lines of rectangular pools and the six ultra smooth gel-coat colours the options are endless with a Dolphin Fiberglass Pool

Benefits Of A Dolphin Fiberglass Pools

Choosing a fiberglass pool has many benefits but what are the benefits of choosing a Dolphin Fiberglass Pool in particular?

Superior Warranty

Dolphin pools come standard with a lifetime structural and 15 year cosmetic warranty.

Canadian Made

Manufactured in Trenton, ON all Dolphin Fiberglass Pools are Canadian made.

Quality Construction

Dolphin pools are made using the highest quality fiberglass materials available.

Save Time & Money

Dolphin pools install faster and have lower lifetime costs than any other type of pool.

Colour Samples

Pacific Blue fiberglass pool
Caribbean blue fiberglass pool
Slate pool colour
White fiberglass pool
Sahara Pool Colour
midnight black pool

Rectangle Pools

Tampico 1
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Tampico 2
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Cozumel
Stingray 1
Stingray II
Stingray III
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Bermuda
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Bermuda I
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Bermuda II
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Eagle Ray
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Aruba

Freeform Pools

Cancun Swimming Pool
Dolphin I Swimming Pool
Dolphin II Swimming Pool
Oasis I Fiberglass Swimming Pool
Oasis II Fiberglass Swimming Pool
Fuji Fiberglass Pool

Classic Pools

Angelfish Fiberglass Pool
Dolphin Fiberglass Pools Acapulco Pool
Azures Dolphin Fiberglass Pools
Bahamas Fiberglass Pool
Costa Rica Fiberglass Pool
Honolulu II Swimming Pool
Maui Fiberglass Pool
Sunfish Swimming Pool
Waikiki Fiberglass Pool


square splash pod
square spa
kidney spa w/spillover
round spa w/spillover
octagon spa w/spillover
octagon spa

Manufactured In Canada For Canada

Dolphin utilizes the highest quality fiberglass materials available to construct each and every pool. Every pool is made in accordance with ANSI / NSPI standards for flexural modulus, flexural strength, and shear strength, all while maintaining the beautifully smooth and vibrant gel-coat surface.

The Composite fiberglass laminate of a Dolphin Fiberglass Pool is strictly monitored and controlled throughout the manufacturing process. The fiberglass craftsmanship at the Dolphin plant is that of an experienced staff who proudly manufacture every pool to meet the demands of our northern climate. Quality checks throughout all stages of the manufacturing process ensure each pool complies with the industry standards and provides the best Fiberglass pools in the industry.

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