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Pool & Landscape Design

Pool & Landscape Design Services throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph & Surrounding Areas

A professional landscape design is a great way to contextualize how your ideas will look once all the work has been completed. Having a design done before your project begins ensures your investment into your landscape is exactly what you want—no second-guessing yourself. We offer customized landscape designs made according to your wish list.

Utilizing modern rendering software, our team can create a high-quality three-dimensional mock-up of exactly how you want your property to look. Creating a design before construction begins reduces mistakes, time set-backs, and unexpected change orders, ultimately saving you money.


Landscape Design

“By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail” – Benjamin Franklin

A landscape design allows you to fully visualize the finished product of your backyard renovation before work begins. By utilizing 2D designs that show dimensions, elevations, and general layout as well as 3D renders that show what the finished product will look like, we can minimize costly mistakes and time delays, that ultimetley saves you time and money.

2D landscape design

2D Designs

Site plans and designs for construction crews

2D designs and site plans are a critical part of any pool or landscape project. These plans are not only used to give you an idea of the layout and size of features within your landscape, they are also used by the on-site construction staff who physically build your back door oasis.

These drawings or plans show things such as overall layout, measurements, elevations, slopes, and often a lot more. These two-dimensional plans are essential to have during any project.

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3D Daytime Render

Visualize your design during day light hours

3D landscape design renders are a great way of visualizing exactly how your project will look once it has been completed. 3D renders show how everything will look, almost as if you were actually in your completed backyard oasis.

Daytime landscape design renders are particularly important because that is how you will see your landscape most of the time. Renders during hours of darkness are also very important.

landscape design nightime

3D Nighttime Render

Visualize your design during hours of darkness

Nighttime landscape design renders are an often overlooked part of landscape design. Obviously, most of the time your landscape will be utilized throughout the day but why not utilize things such as landscape lighting to extend the use of your space well into the evening?

Nighttime renders can help you understand how you might entertain guests into the evening or how you might spend a romantic evening with your spouse. Extending the use of your space well into the evening is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Design Team

We focus on bringing value by solving problems before they happen, saving time, money and resources.

If you’re considering a landscape design you’ve likely been dreaming of doing something exciting to the exterior of your property for some time. Whether it’s a pool for the kids or a breathtaking sitting area to relax in during evenings and weekends we understand it’s a big investment into your home and well-being.

Investing in a Landscape design ultimately helps to eliminate

  • Oversights causing unforeseen expenses
  • Time delays
  • Change orders
  • On-site mistakes caused by improper planning
  • Unclear communication of project scope
  • Material delays
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A recent google review from a happy Hipel Customer

We are very happy with our pool project and couldn’t say enough good things about the service we received. Kadison the owner provided us with a very detailed quote that covered absolutely everything even things that weren’t included in the pricing that we would need like gas and electrical work. When they came to site the crew was clean, worked efficiently and they were all very friendly and happy to answer any questions we had during the installation. We are very happy now that everything is complete and Kadison is always prompt in answering me whenever I have any questions about operating the pool.

Jim DevriesHomeowner

Landscape Design Pricing

Pool & Landscape Design Services throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph & Surrounding Areas

Basic Design
One-Time Fee
Basic design plan for patio & garden projects.
2D drawing showing overall project layout
Planting plan
Recommended Materials
Free project quote
Ultimate Design Plan
One-Time Fee
Premium design for complete outdoor spaces
2D Drawing showing overall project layout
Planting plan
Recommended materials
3D Rendered Video Day/Night
3D Rendered Pictures Day/Night
Free project quote

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