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Fiberglass Pool Installation & Service In Kitchener, ON

We are Dealers & Installers of Dolphin, Imagine, & Latham Fiberglass Pools in Kitchener, ON

Our team specializes in the installation and service of fiberglass pools throughout Kitchener and Waterloo Region. We offer a diverse range of fiberglass pools for installation from three industry leading manufacturers. At Hipel our passion is installing inspiring poolscapes while handling the entire project from design to installation and providing continued service and support long after the project has been completed.

Why Choose Fiberglass Pools In Kitchener, ON

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Superior Warranty

Our pools are backed by lifetime warranties. So you can spend more time swimming and less time stressing repairs.

Cost Savings

Fiberglass pools have lower lifetime costs than any other type of pool. Save on heating, maintenance & repairs.

Fast Installation

Fiberglass pools install in as little as one week depending on the access into the installation area.

Puncture & Tear Proof

Our pools don’t utilize a vinyl liner and the durable fiberglass construction means no tears or punctures are possible.

Less Maintenance

No liner replacements and an ultra smooth finish means less repairs and easier cleaning.


We offer over 70 pool models for installation from two of North Americas leading manufacturers.
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Our Fiberglass Pool Brands

Fiberglass Pools Kitchener, ON

Why Choose Us As Your Pool Builder?

Choosing the right pool builder for your project can be a difficult task. The team here at Hipel strives to make it an easy choice for you to pick us. So why would you choose Hipel as your pool builder?

We Handle Everything

We coordinate the entire project from permitting to natural gas and electrical connections.

Superior Warranty

Our pools are backed by a lifetime warranty along with a 3 year warranty on workmanship.

Quality Work & Service

Our team of pool and landscape experts are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to making positive changes in our business practices to better our community.

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Visit our About Us page and learn more about Hipel Land & Pool and our passion for fiberglass pools.
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Interested in having a fiberglass pool installed at your home? Request a quote by clicking the button below and or team would be happy to assist you.

City Of Kitchener Pool Permitting Requirments

The City Of Kitchener has specific requirements for how your pool is "enclosed" or fenced for safety reasons. Let's dive in and learn more about these requirements.

How you will enclose your pool area is an important decision to consider before having your pool installed and is required to obtain a pool enclosure permit from any municipality before going forward with your pool project. Typical requirements include;

  • Fence minimum of 5′ in height
  • Chain link fencing shall not have gaps larger than 1.5 inches
  • Every fence enclosing a swimming pool shall not allow easy access into the enclosed area from any pre-existing structure or fixture on neighboring properties
  • The space between the bottom of the fence and the ground shall not exceed 4 inches
  • Horizontal support rails of the fence must be spaced more than 3′ apart
  • Vertical fence boards shall not be spaced more than 1.5 inches apart
  • The fence is situated at least 3.25 feet away from any other fence that does not meet the enclosure requirements
  • The pool must be a minimum of 3′ away from the fence

You can download a printable PDF version of the requirements by clicking the button below.

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