Fiberglass Pools Canada Prices, How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost?

How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost In Canada?

You’ve scoured the internet, done some research, and decided on a fiberglass pool, but you have no idea how much a fiberglass pool costs and if it’s within your family’s budget. Welcome to our guide for fiberglass pools Canada prices.

We will admit this can be a tricky question to answer. The price to install a fiberglass pool varies drastically depending on your geographical location. Pricing also changes yearly, and with demand and material shortages at an all-time high due to the Coronavirus pandemic, price changes have been occurring multiple times a year. So make sure when you are researching pricing online, you are reading articles that are;

  1. Recently published or updated.
  2. From a company that is near your geographical location

This article provides potential pool buyers with a rough price guideline to work from in Ontario, Canada. Many factors affect the final installation price, including;

  1. Access for excavation equipment into the pool installation area
  2. Size of pool
  3. Desired accessories (covers, slides, diving boards, lights etc.)
  4. Landscaping
  5. Gas & Electrical Hook-Ups

So How Much Is A Fiberglass Pool?

The average cost of installing a fiberglass pool will be somewhere between $70,000 and $120,000 + tax. This price would include a basic patio and pool equipment (Variable speed pump, cartridge filter, heater, salt system and pool lights.)

Obviously, this pricing can change dramatically if you add additional accessories and features such as water features, automatic pool covers, retaining walls or more complex landscaping and designs. You get the idea!

Breakdown By Size

The size of the pool is probably the biggest factor in price. I think we all know that the larger the pool shell the more the pool shell costs but as the pool gets bigger so do other project costs such as excavation, the removal and disposal of the excavated materials, more aggregates will need to be brought in to backfill around the pool, a larger crane may be needed to set the pool into the excavation and as the pool gets bigger so does the patio and landscaping that will surround the pool. All these factors contribute to increased costs as you move toward a larger pool.

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Small Pool Installation – (12′ x 26′)  $70,000 – $80,000 + Tax

Medium Pool Installation – (14′ x 30′) $80,000 – $95,000 + Tax

Fiberglass Pools Waterloo

Large Pool Installation – (16′ x 40′) $95,000 – $120,000 + Tax

Dolphin fiberglass pools


Pricing For Add-Ons & Accessories

Automatic Pool Covers will cost between $17,000 – $25,000

Clear Decks Cost Between $4000-$6000

Winter Safety Covers installed cost between $2500 – $3800

Pool Automation will cost between $3000 – $5000

Water Features start at $6000 and up

Retaining Walls vary depending on the size of the wall but typically start at $5000 and go as high as $50,000

LED Pool Lights will cost between $700-1000 each

Hopefully, this has provided you with a better idea of fiberglass pool prices in Canada. Just keep in mind everything in this article is a rough estimate and your pool pricing may look completely different. If you have an interest in getting pricing for a fiberglass pool project don’t hesitate to request a quote from our team.



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