What is a Cleardeck System? – Review & Cost


If you have an inground pool or are considering one you probably know all about solar blankets. Solar blankets are used to maintain water temperature by reducing heat evaporation. The problem is the traditional solar blanket roller sits on your pool deck doesn’t look the best and takes up valuable space. This is where a Cleardeck System comes in.

What is a Cleardeck System?

A Cleardeck is a solar blanket roller for inground pools specifically designed to be concealed underground when not in use. Simply put a Cleardeck is a concealed underground storage chamber for your solar blanket that keeps your pool space looking clean and organized.

Watch the below video to get a better understanding of what a Cleardeck is and how it’s used.


Pros & Cons

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Cleardeck System is you can see why they are one of the most common pool accessories we install here at Hipel Pools. Let’s Dive a little deeper and touch on the pros and cons of Cleardeck Systems.



  • A Cleardeck is hands down the best way to store your solar blanket year round. Yes even in the winter.
  • Protects your solar blanket from the suns damaging UV Rays when your solar blanket is not in use.
  • Makes your pool area look clean, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Eliminates tripping hazards and opens up more space on your pool deck by moving storage underground.
  • Housing is well engineered and uses non-rusting parts. Safe for use on Saltwater pools.
  • Canadian made


  • Cleardecks work exceptionally well on rectangular pools but on freefrom or curvy pools the solar blanket tends to get bound up on the curves of the pool which makes it difficult for one person to roll up the cover cleanly by themselves.
  • The strap that is attached to the solar cover and used to pull it out wears on the blanket over time and tends to slightly rip the end of the blanket. Typically we do not install the strap when we install Cleardecks at Hipel Pools.

How Much Does A Cleardeck System Cost?

The cost of having a Cleardeck installed with your inground pool will depend on the size of your pool. On Average you can expect to spend between $3000-$6000 to have a Cleardeck System Installed. It’s important to note that you likely wouldn’t install a Cleardeck if you’ve already had your inground pool installed. Cleardecks are typically installed during the initial installation of your inground pool.

Is A Cleardeck System Right For You?

A Cleardeck System is right for you if you are going to be installing an inground pool and want to avoid keeping the traditional solar blanket roller on your pool deck. If you want to keep your pool deck looking clean, tidy, and open up more space then a Cleardeck is the right choice for you.

At Hipel Pools we install fiberglass pools across Southern Ontario and install Cleardeck Systems on many of our installations. Overall we would highly recomend having a Cleardeck System Installed with your inground pool. 

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